Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with and trust isn’t always easy. Whether this is your first time considering counseling or you’ve been in counseling before, I hope you find the information here helpful.

I have almost 20 years of experience and have worked in many different settings. I can tell you with confidence that therapy works! What’s most important is that you find someone with the right qualifications, but also someone with whom you are able to connect and feel comfortable.

So, take a look around and I hope I can be of assistance!

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(530) 351-2885
P.O. Box 162512 – Sacramento, CA 95816

Offices located in Woodland (Tues-Thurs) and Sacramento (Fri)

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It is a privilege to provide psychotherapy to help people improve relationships, feel better emotionally, achieve their goals, and transform communities.


In therapy I take a relational approach and use cognitive-behavioral techniques which have been shown to be highly effective with a wide-range of emotional and behavioral conditions. I am also committed to approaching our time together with cultural humility about what is important to you and who you are.


I graduated with a doctorate of psychology (PsyD) from George Fox University and am licensed as a psychologist in the state of California (lic. Psyc 19250). In addition to my work as a clinical psychologist, I taught for over ten years as a professor of psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As a member of my community, I have also been actively involved in faith-based community organizing.

For more information on what insurance I accept, my fee schedule, and locations go to PsychologyToday.com

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Therapy can provide the support you need to help protect your health and relationships, whether caring for others or fighting on their behalf.


The responsibilities and pressures many women face can impact how they live their daily lives and relationships. I specialize in working with women struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, parenting and partner stress, and grief.


Working to transform and heal communities (e.g., advocacy, activism, community organizing, community development, pastoral ministry, community services) can be exhausting and traumatizing work in its own right. It can also be a trigger for our own experiences of trauma and abuse. I provide psychotherapy to support community leaders and others who are working for social, environmental, and racial justice.