Therapy can provide the support you need to help protect your health and relationships, even while caring for, supporting, or advocating for others.


Many women deal with immense pressure in their personal and/or professional lives–even more so given the pervasive realities of sexism and racism. Feeling overwhelmed and drained, anxious about kids and work, and frustrated with important relationships are common experiences shared by my clients.

I specialize in working with women, many of whom work in helping professions (e.g., medical field, mental health, education, ministry), struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and abuse, or grief. I offer a space that focuses on empowering and supporting you as an individual, without shame or blame, recognizing the unique stressors that women face.

Activists, advocates & healers

Many activists, advocates, healers, and others working for equity, justice, and healing are exhausted and depleted. Those working to effect systemic change need space to focus on their own healing and well-being. This type of work can leave you feeling isolated from friends and family, bring up personal trauma that is hard to get a handle on, and lead to burnout and empathy fatigue. This can be true whether you’re new to the work or a seasoned professional.

I specialize in working with community leaders and others committed to social, environmental, and racial justice in the areas of advocacy and activism; community organizing and development; direct services; restorative justice; and ministry. I offer a space that focuses on what you need to care for yourself, supports your resilience and perseverance, while honoring your dedication to the well-being and liberation of others.